Future trends in real estate

The real estate market along the Atlantic Seaboard is on the upswing again, driven by local buyer confidence as a good mid- to long-term investment as well as considerably higher purchase interest from European buyers who currently have the exchange rate in their favour.
Who wouldn’t want a little piece of heaven for themselves when it’s so affordable in euros?

Real estate agents need to keep up with the trends and implement modern methods to stay cutting-edge and effective.

Future trends in real estate
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How are buyers searching for property?

There are currently no restrictions for international buyers looking to own property in South Africa, only certain payment procedures to follow. The first place they start their search for property is on the internet. The buyers not only search for properties, but for agents that can offer a full service of recommendations relating to the purchase process – including investment advice and how to transfer funds internationally.

How are we reaching and servicing these buyers?

The real estate agent sitting in an office waiting for clients to walk in or updating brochures to put in the window is just not going to cut it anymore and this style of working the market is a dying breed.

Agents have had to up the service levels to better inform both local and foreign buyers as well as facilitate sales with speed, accuracy and professionalism when the technology is readily available for us to customise and use.

The estate agent profession has been regulated and all agents now have to go through a thorough training program, with field work and write the relevant exam for either a full status agent or a principal of a real estate company.

The modern day agent can effectively run their entire business from an iPad and cellphone if they equip themselves and work with an agency that supports cyber based productivity.

Modern real estate

Realtor of Excellence is a brand that has channeled development time into an online office app and incorporates other cutting edge  solutions such as Evernote, Signeasy, Docsanner and a state-of-the-art database manager. This cloud based office frees up the agent to be able to do valuations, stay in contact on the move and record all property and client information with no time wasted.

Yes dynamic agents are here that are working with the modern cyber environment and making the best use of technology for marketing, informing buyers, generating accurate contracts and keeping information up to date and relevant.

Preparing to sell

Sellers can take the opportunity now to ready their homes for a good return on their investment should they want to take advantage of the investor interest happening right now. The trend is expected to increase towards summer.

A good starting place is to get a current valuation on your property and feedback on recent property movement and prices achieved in your particular area.

Get a breakdown of expenses you incurred when purchasing the property as well as any improvements you may have done. What do you owe on the property and how much will it cost to get the property ready for sale? Do you qualify to pay Capital Gains Tax?

Once you know where you stand, you will be in a position to mandate an agent to market your property for you at the correct price. Make sure your property is marketed professionally and to all audiences both locally and offshore by using a company with a global approach.